SOLD – 2022 Polar Fox 8′ x 14′
This house was a Custom Design by the Customer
6 Holes & 4 Windows
SOLD – 2022 Polar Fox 6.5′ x 14′
Finished Interior w/ 2 Sofa/Sleeper units, Furnace, Cabinets, 2 TV prep, and lots of lighting & power supply
Hole pattern supports livescope sonar use while great walk path too
SN: 221014
January 16, 2022
SOLD – 2022 Polar Fox 6.5′ x 10′
This house was a Custom Design by the Customer
2 Doors & 3 Windows
November 1, 2021
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SOLD – 2022 Polar Fox 8′ x 14′
This house was a Custom Design by the Customer
6 Holes & 4 Windows


Function - at its Finest

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This unit has:
• 4 Windows & 1 Door
• 6 Holes - Custom Placed
• Empire 15k BTU Furnace and Thermostat
• Upper & Utility Cabinets


Approx. Weight: 1030 lbs
Exact Width: 8' (96")
Ski Length: 15' 6" Propane Carrier adds 5" to length.
Interior clear height is 80" throughout.
Inside W x L: 91" x 163"



Polar Fox Houses are Industry Leading. Click here for more specifications...
Built by North40fab, a proven high quality fish house builder in Pine River, MN.

We encourage you to come to Beberg Outdoors and see for yourself - we know you will be impressed!​ ​

Composite panels are 1.5" thick foam, with fiberglass sheet / skin adhered to both sides of the panel. Insulation rating is R-9. These panels are used in the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Floor frame crossmembers are 2"x2" tube construction, giving an increased 4" clearance under the floor.

Ski tubes are 6"x6" with 3/8" thick skins for high flotation & strength.

Inside clear height is 80" throughout.

Outside overall total height is 90".

Outside overall total width (ski edge to ski edge) is: 72" on 6' models, 80" on 6.5' models, and 96" on 8' models.

Outside overall total length for ski tip to tip is 9'11" (119") on 8' long models, 11'11" (143") on 10' long models, 13'11" (167") on 12' long models and 15'6" (186") on 14' long models. Propane carrier adds 5" additional beyond rear ski tip.

Outfitting the Polar Fox Skid House is a pretty easy part of the adventure, and allows you to make the layout and organization plan that works best for your gear and your fishing method. PVC trim and mounting boards are easily applied to the walls with 2 sided tape or glue.

Beberg Outdoors will work closely with you to customize your ice fish house. Many features including the placement of windows, door, holes, and lights can be customized to positions you prefer. Bebergs welcomes the chance to talk about your ideas and goals - and then we will draft a custom production plan just for you.

The Polar Fox ice fishing skid house is a perfect combination of quality manufacturing and leading edge materials - giving us a new way to tackle the tough winter and ice conditions in pursuit of the best fishing spot, while keeping comfortable, warm, and organized. This house features all aluminum floor frame, composite material wall systems, and life long durability. Every Polar Fox comes complete with the heaviest duty tow bar, propane carrier, the thickest HDP ski skins, an RV high quality door, and RV windows designed for the arctic cold!

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