Polar Fox Skid Houses – Info & Prices


(Pics are of 2021 models - new 2022 features coming soon)

The pinnacle of durability and sleek good looks today, and for a lifetime!

High tech materials + premier engineering and fabrication.
All done in-house by the leading manufacturer North40fab!

North40fab has made a huge investment in their Pine River, MN facility so we can bring you even more in the 2022 POLAR FOX Skid House! Composite panel production, aluminum skid frame welding, window and door installation - ALL DONE IN HOUSE WITH PERFECTION IN EVERY STEP! One might just say, when you want it done right every time, you just have to do it yourself!

Polar Fox = Warm, Light, & Durable.

This new skid house system gives you everything you could dream of in a fish house that needs to be extremely warm, unbelievably light weight, and durable enough to withstand the moisture and abuse we put our ice gear through. There is ZERO WOOD used in this fish house! Sitting inside you will find internal peace knowing that the walls, ceiling, and floor are seamless panels covered with durable fiberglass that are easy to clean and resist marks, scratches, and dents much better than traditionally used aluminum. One of our favorite features is the interior surfaces are also all covered with bright and strong fiberglass - no longer do you have to put a lot of money, time, and weight into finishing the interior. Floor and skid structure is all aluminum with life long strength and durability. This skid house is also designed with a beefy tow hitch bolted to properly reinforced ski tubes so you won't be stranded when the snow gets deep or the slush pushes up.


If you know Gary from North40fab, you know he never stops innovating and developing. Months of hard work and creative effort have resulted in some exciting changes to the 2022 Polar Fox. Here is what you will see soon:
*Annodized black aluminum trim.
*Roof line trim with water shed edge.
*Tow bar is heavy duty A Frame. *Ski pull points moved for better trailering ability.
*Floor color is now woodgrain appearance - still all fiberglass but brighter and shows less dirt.
*UPGRADED ACRYLIC WINDOW - Unmatched quality over all other acrylic and glass windows.
*Light grey interior wall color.
*Lighter tinting in the windows to allow more daylight inside.
*Grey woodgrain PVC trim used for interior trim.
*Interior Packages are provided that fit most people's interest and needs - but yes, you still can customize them in many ways!

Polar Fox Life Long Advantages

High Tech Composite and Alloy materials ONLY create this skid house. NO WOOD TO ROT, MOST DURABLE SURFACE EVER.​
Insane Light Weight! Weights are a little lower than an unfinished traditional aluminum skid house! And weights are MUCH lower than the heavier duty aluminum manufactured units.
Easily pulled on high flotation tube skis covered with thick 3/8" HDPE ski skins! Perfectly matched for ATV's and Side x Sides.
Insulated wall panels have no internal wall studs that transfer cold - you will stay warm with an R9 rated wall everywhere.
The smartest tow hitch is now here for you - Not only robust and strong as you need for a skid house, but designed for function means you can easily stow it upright when not in use AND a snow deflector is easily added.
The sleek good looks are easily maintained as washing down the exterior or interior is easy with a garden hose or pressure washer!
North40fab is well known for their highest quality manufacturing of fish house trailers, UTV Toppers, and more! Every Polar Fox coming from North40fab is built to their highest degree of excellence.
Beautiful exterior and durable interior makes this the perfect storage building next to your home or lakeside during the summer!

2022 Polar Fox Ice Fish Skid Houses
Summer Prices

​North40fab has begun building our new 2022 model year Polar Fox Skid Houses! There is a great list of feature upgrades, including features you can't get anywhere else like our Premium Acrylic Windows, Black Anodized Aluminum Trim, Heavy Duty Tow Bar, Woodgrain Appearance Floor, and Heavy Duty RV Door!

Prices listed here are for summer orders, and are only available on a limited number of summer built houses. Prices will be going up as material costs continue to increase. Prices are subject to change at any time, and a down payment is required to lock in a price.

The price listed includes all the incredible and unique Polar Fox Skid House Features, plus fish holes installed and our Package 1 Interior Finish giving you dimmable LED ceiling lights, dimmable sealed exterior lights, and grey woodgrain finish PVC interior trim.
Customization is available, including window placement, hole placement, more or less electrical or trim, furnace installation, and much more. Because we manufacture our own panels, we can build it to your order and get it all done right.
We also sell as a shell for less money - allowing you to do your own interior finishing and equipping to save even more money!

Durability & Sleek Looks Included In Each Price Below


5' Wide Polar Fox

At less than 500 lbs and a very narrow draft through the snow, this is a real simple tow! Perfect for the fishermen who often fishes alone, but may have a guest. Our 5'x7' is Full Height with Full Features.

5' x 7' ... $6,800

Price includes 2 large windows and 4 holes installed, plus all of the Interior Package 1 Features!

6' Wide Polar Fox

Highly Portable. Fits on Most Utility Trailers. We love the balance of comfortable space in this house, without any excess. Two people can fish happy all day long ... and a third or a couple grand kids can hang out too!

6' x 8' ...... $7,300

Price includes 2 large windows and 6 holes installed, plus all of the Interior Package 1 Features!

6.5' Wide Polar Fox

Maximize Your House Width When Fitting On Equipment or Car Hauler Type Trailer. Huge interior is 6'3" wide wall to wall! Maximum width here is especially great on longer houses for more walking space inside. Our favorite for a big size house while still easily towed on the highway and behind tracked side x sides.

6.5' x 8' ... $7,700

6.5' x 10' . $8,500

6.5' x 12' . $9,500

6.5' x 14' . $10,500

6.5' x 16' . $12,050

8' and 10' price includes 2 large windows and 6 holes; 12' includes 3 windows & 6 holes; 14' and 16' includes 4 windows and 8 holes -- plus all of the Interior Package 1 Features!

8' Wide Polar Fox

Incredible Space! Most often highway towed (if needed) on a snowmobile trailer, but some deck over equipment trailers can work well too. Great for Same Lake Fishing. Often doubles as a bunk house, storage shed, or beachside supply house.

8' x 10' ... $9,150

8' x 12' ... $10,300

8' x 14' ... $11,350

8' x 16' ... $13,400

10' price includes 2 large windows and 6 holes; 12' includes 3 windows & 6 holes; 14' and 16' includes 4 windows and 8 holes -- plus all of the Interior Package 1 Features!
Polar Fox
Always Included Features
  • Aluminum Skid Floor Frame
  • Durable 3/8" Ski Skins
  • Composite Panel Wall, Floor, & Ceiling
  • Pull Point On Each Ski
  • RV Style Door - Heavy Duty Frame with Dead Bolt
  • Acrylic Panel Thermo Windows
  • Built in window shade and bug screen
  • Strong towing hitch
  • 2" Ball Coupler
  • Propane Tank Holder
  • Propane Hose Pass Thru Hatch
  • Annodized Aluminum Exterior Trim
  • Reflector on each wall
  • Fresh Air Vents
Beberg Upfit
  • Interior Lighting - Dimmable
  • Exterior Lighting - LED Designed To Your Needs
  • 12 volt power supply
  • 120 volt power supply
  • Overhead and floor utility cabinets
  • Sofa/Sleeper
  • Pedestal Seats
  • Empire Furnace
  • Mounting / Gear Holding Rails
  • Fish Holes Installed
  • Spear Hole

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