Summer Store Hours for our Andover, MN store are Monday - Friday 7am - 4pm. Additional hours are available by appointment too.

Polar Fox skid house customers are also welcome to meet with Chris in Pine River, MN by appointment Monday, Tuesday, and some Sundays. Come see the new 2022 units in production and our demo houses, then plan out the house that you would like to consider. A personal tour and informational discussion will show ideas, feature choices, and dig into your design needs and goals for a Polar Fox skid house.
Our Polar Fox skid fish houses are located inside our building, and are best seen during business hours.

Happening At Bebergs

Our new line up of Polar Fox Skid Houses are now in full production! We are now planning, quoting, and reserving production space for Polar Fox. Please contact us to get the best price and a guaranteed availability during this summer's production. If you wait it will cost more and we may not have enough to fulfill demand!

Aluma Lite is planning a big year for skids this summer and winter! 2022 model year prices and specs are not available yet, but we are expecting production to be starting up in August. Stay tuned for new information on Aluma Lite.

Ridgeline has confirmed that they will not be producing any ice fishing trailers or skid house frames for the 2021/22 season. Due to the extremely high demand for their dock and utility trailer products across the nation, they have determined that they can not shut down those two product lines in order to build ice fishing focused products.

Our Polar Fox skid house combined with a utility or tilt deck trailer can be an easy to use fishing system, with some benefits over a wheelhouse even when the wheelhouse is kept light as possible. Please call to discuss, we will explore the benefits and trade offs of a skid system with you so you can decide what is best for your needs.

This has been a great year with Ridgeline roll in aluminum dock systems, again with record numbers of customers choosing Ridgeline for their new lakeshore dock system. We are very thankful for everyone who trusted us at Bebergs with their lakeshore investment! Unfortunately we are sold out of dock sections/frames and can not get more until winter. We do have some parts left if you are in need of adding to your system, including posts, wheels, ladders, benches, and more. Please call for availability.


We launched Polar fox in 2020 .. and we had a spectacular year building these industry leading skid houses for many awesome customers. It was extremely fun working with hard core sportsmen, families, and weekend fishermen to design and build the perfect skid house for each person. We are working hard now every day to be prepared for an incredible 2021/22 production season. We will have new units being built by July of this summer - but like last year, the production space and materials will be limited. So although we are starting early to serve as many people as possible, we strongly request you contact us soon to discuss options, prices, and design - then get a production spot reserved for this summer so you have your house locked in. If you wait until late summer or fall, the prices will be higher and the availability will be lower ... email us today and just ask to receive our new model year information, then go from there on timing that is right for you.


Polar Fox Skid House

Truly the PREMIERE skid house is the Polar Fox Skid House! Beberg Outdoors is excited to be the exclusive seller of this innovative skid house - 100% wood free is lighter, longer lasting, and more comfortable to spend the day in! For over 10 years we have served the 5 state area with uniquely light and durable fish houses - we look forward to showing you the Polar Fox at our store in Andover, MN or by appointment at the factory in Pine River, MN!

Aluma Lite Skid Houses

Production is starting early at Aluma Lite, and they are fast to build skid houses in the size, color, and set up you want! We will start taking orders for Aluma Lite in July once the 2021/22 prices are available.


See What Trailers & Skid Houses We Have In Stock Today - With Prices & Specifications. You Can Choose From An In Stock House or We Can Review In Stock Houses To Plan Out Your Preferred Setup.

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Aluma Lite Skid House Inventory

6 Wide Extreme Aluma Lite


Here is What We Would Like You To Know About Us:

Number 1 is we truly love fishing ... just like you.

As Much As We Love To Fish, We Love To Take Others Fishing With Us

Kids and Grandkids Make Fishing Ever More Incredible!!!

Fishing Is Usually A Series Of Moving Around Looking For Active Fish.

Sometimes It Is Fun To Hang Out and Socialize, But Everything We Build and Fish With Must Be Easy To Move and Operate. PERIOD.

We Are Warm Blooded Mammals.

Warm Blooded Mammals Prefer Being Warm ... And We Are Old Enough & Wise Enough To Keep Warm While Fishing :)

When We Talk About Ice Fishing, We Rank "Smart & Effective" Over "Extravagant & Heavy".

We Think Our Muck Boots Make Us Cool Enough, So We Don't Need To Be Fancy When Ice Fishing.

As Each Of Us (customers included here) Is A Unique Person, So Too Is Each Of Our Approaches To Ice Fishing!

We Want To Hear Your Goals For Fishing and We Commit Ourselves and Our Processes To Helping You Achieve It.