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Production Update for 2022/23 Model Year

Our Polar Fox skid house combined with a utility or tilt deck trailer can be an easy to use fishing system, with some benefits over a wheelhouse even when the wheelhouse is kept light as possible. Please call to discuss, we will explore the benefits and trade offs of a skid system with you so you can decide what is best for your needs. We will have more information for you on these come July for our Fall 2022 Season!

UPDATE ON RIDGELINE: Ridgeline has confirmed that they will not be producing any ice fishing trailers or skid house frames for the 2022 season. Due to the extremely high demand for their dock and utility trailer products across the nation, they have determined that they can not shut down those two product lines in order to build ice fishing focused products. If a valid warranty / service need is experienced on a prior year trailer, Ridgeline will definitely honor their warranty commitment to the customer.


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