SOLD – 2021 Aluma Lite 6.5′ x 10′ Extreme Series – Matte Black

Generator Hookup & Extra 12v power

Sale Price: $6,700.00
SOLD – 2021 Aluma Lite 6′ x 10′ – Charcoal

Generator Hookup, Extra 12v power & LED lights, holes installed for you

Sale Price: $6,108.00
November 1, 2020
SOLD – 2021 Aluma Lite 6.5′ x 12′ Extreme Series

3rd Window, Extra 12v power & LED lights, holes installed for you

Sale Price: $7,596.00
November 1, 2020
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SOLD – 2021 Aluma Lite 6.5′ x 10′ Extreme Series – Matte Black

Generator Hookup & Extra 12v power

Sale Price: $6,700.00

SALE PENDING - 2021 Aluma Lite Extreme Series - Price With All Listed Upgrades $6,700.00 (We accept credit/debit card, bank certified checks, or cash for payment.)

The Extreme Series skid houses are the highest quality and most featured skid houses ever produced by Aluma Lite. We have sold many hundreds of skid houses for over 10 years - and we know you are going to love what this skid house will do for you! There are others who try to imitate, but no one comes near the Extreme Package from Aluma Lite. All Aluma Lite skid houses include aluminum frame, spray foam insulation and a long list of industry leading features. The Extreme Series also includes a propane carrier with pass thru hatch, thicker 3/8" ski skins, tread brite protective trim on the exterior walls, and convenient pull points on top of each ski tip. The best skid house finds the balance between weight, strength/durability, ease of towing, and of course cost. You can compare, but you can't beat the Extreme Series.


All 2021 EXTREME SERIES Features Are Included, PLUS THESE UPGRADES!.

Choice: Siding Color is Matte Black

Added: Generator Hookup with two 120v outlets inside

Added: 6 hole covers will be custom installed by Bebergs in locations you choose.

Added: Extra 12 volt supply wire runs installed, allowing addition of power outlets, fans, hole lights, strip lights, etc..


Approx. Weight only 750 lbs

Approx. Outside Dimensions are 14'4" long = ski tip front to propane carrier rear, 6'8" wide, 89" tall

Interior Height has approximately 80" clearance inside

6 Fish hole covers will be installed in positions you prefer

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Aluma Lite Extreme Skid Houses Are Packed With Features. Click here to see complete list...
5 Year Warranty

All aluminum - including floor frame, wall frame, and siding/roofing.

Spray foam insulated - inside and under floor.

Arctic Tube Skis-TOUGH 6"x6" with the best curved front available

HDPE Ski Skins are included and extra durable at 3/8" thick.

Two Thermo Pane Windows - Vertical slider with screen. High Quality Argon filled dual pane. 5'x7' may need 18" wide windows.

Dead Bolt

Tow Points are welded on each ski tip.

Tread brite protective aluminum skin is included on the bottom of all exterior walls.

Heavy duty A frame tow bar plus bracket mounts on the Front and Rear. Stronger tow bar and stronger better pull points are always included!

Propane carrier is included with pass thru hose hatch

2 Interior LED Ceiling Light with Built In Switch

1 Exterior LED Porch Light with Built In switch

Insulated Door

5/8" Plywood Flooring - High strength BCX.

4 - 6 Angling Hole Covers

Fresh Air Vents

Reflector on each exterior wall

Color Choice Typically Includes white, red, flat black, flat blue, and charcoal.


Aluma Lite Houses are incredibly strong and long lasting. Click here for more specifications...
Aluma Lite customers have THOUSANDS of these units on the snow every year! No one has more experience in building these ultra light fish houses than Aluma Lite - this means you too will be a life long happy Aluma Lite Owner!

We encourage you to come to Beberg Outdoors and see for yourself - we know you will be impressed!​ ​

Aluminum sides and roof are .030 thickness

Wall studs are 1"x1" aluminum 6005-T5 square tube, 24" on center

Wall and Ceiling studs are 24" on center

Floor frame is made of 6" wide x 6" tall tube on the long sides for the skis, with 1.5" wide x 3" tall aluminum tube floor trusses

Floor is 5/8" High Quality BCX Plywood.

Insulation is Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam.

Insulation has approximately R-7 Per Inch & can be painted. Average of 1"-1.5" Thick.

Inside clear height is approximately 80" in the center.

Outside total maximum building height is approximately 89".

Outside ski edge to ski edge width is typically 2" more than the model size width.

Outside ski tip to tip length is typically 22" more than the model size length, or 28" more if you also have propane carrier.

​Arched roof creates an incredible amount of strength to beat any snow load!

Setting up your Aluma Lite for efficient gear storage is actually very easy - and can be a fun part of getting ready to tackle the winter. Most popular is the addition of 1"x4" or 1"x6" trim / mounting boards that secure directly to the wall frame. You can hang rattle reels, coat hooks, shelves, etc on these trim / mounting boards and be ultra organized for ultra fun on the ice!

Beberg Outdoors will work closely with you to customize your ice fish house. Many features including the placement of windows, door, holes, and lights can be customized to positions you prefer. Bebergs welcomes the chance to talk about your ideas and goals - and then we will draft a custom production plan just for you.

May we give you a FREE - NO PRESSURE Quote on the house and options you are considering?