SOLD – 2021 Ridgeline 6.5′ x 14′ +3′ V HH- Matte Black + TreadBrite

Shell + LED Lights, Aluminum Wheels, Propane Carrier, Elec Brakes, & BUNK FRAMES


SOLD – 2021 Ridgeline 6.5′ x 14′ +3′ V HH- Bronze

Standard Featured Shell + LED Lights, Steel Wheels, Propane Carrier

November 1, 2020
SOLD – 2021 Ridgeline 6.5′ x 12′ +3′ V – Black – Service+Double Doors

Shell Includes LED lights, premium double & service doors, propane carrier

Sale Price: $9,365
VIN: 662391
November 1, 2020
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SOLD – 2021 Ridgeline 6.5′ x 14′ +3′ V HH- Matte Black + TreadBrite

Shell + LED Lights, Aluminum Wheels, Propane Carrier, Elec Brakes, & BUNK FRAMES



2021 Ridgeline 6.5'x14' + V Front With Options and Upgrades Listed: SOLD
Price is for the complete road ready shell - including LED tail/turn/marker light system, propane carrier, premium doors & windows, and split dual jack tongue. Price does not include any accessories or other additions not shown. This trailer also includes Electric Brakes for safe winter highway use, added tread brite upgrade on the lower side walls, aluminum wheels, and our popular double aluminum bunk system! Sale Price requires payment type of cash or certified bank check.

This trailer is our Heavy Hauler model which includes 15" wheels, an 8" taller side wall, a reinforced floor frame for added linear strength, and the premium service door with the premium ramp door.

IN STOCK: This black unit features upgraded tread brite too!


All Standard Trailer Features, Plus The Following Upgrades and Additions Are Included With This Trailer.

ADDED FEATURE: Double Rear Bunk Frames Are Included. 2 decks fit at 3 levels.

ADDED FEATURE: Tread brite siding added to lower 24" on exterior side walls.

ADDED FEATURE: Propane Carrier Added.

ADDED FEATURE: Electric brakes with battery break away switch installed with 7 way plug..

UPGRADE INCLUDED: Beberg's exclusive 2020 LED marker light package - All trailer lights are upgraded to LED fixtures, and Beberg's provides an upgraded wiring harness to provide a lifetime of trouble-free use.(not shown in pictures, but is included in price.)

UPGRADE INCLUDED: Wheels are upgraded to aluminum mag for long lasting corrosion resistance and good looks.

HEAVY HAULER FEATURE: 65"x77" premium rear ramp door. Easy loading with great strength.

HEAVY HAULER FEATURE: Premium service door - 32" wide with dead bolt.

HEAVY HAULER FEATURE: Reinforced floor frame for increased hauling capacity.

HEAVY HAULER FEATURE: 15" wheels and radial tire

HEAVY HAULER FEATURE: Taller side walls with wall reinforcements - adds additional 8" inside.


Ridgeline Heavy Hauler Drop Down Trailers Have Built In Strength. Click here to see complete features list...
The Heavy Hauler (also called UTV Hauler) has four main upgrade areas: 1) stronger floor frame, 2) taller walls with wall frame reinforcement, 3) larger wheels, and 4) included ramp door and premium service door.

All aluminum Frame Is Reinforced Along The Side Tube Frame To Carry A Big Load - Yet remains light enough to use for fishing and tow with an ATV or UTV.

.040 Aluminum Siding here is an extra 8" taller, creating more space inside for gear, bunks, ceiling fans, and comfort. All the same colors are available, but order time can be longer for the custom length sheeting needed - so order early! (Heavy Hauler can be ordered with standard height walls.)

Larger 15" steel wheels with C rated radial tire are included. Upgrade available to aluminum mag wheels is a popular choice. Clearance under the trailer is increased to approximately 12"

Rear Premium Ramp Door included Standard - Features a 65.5" wide x 77.25" tall opening.

Premium 32" Service Door included Standard - Can be located on either V front wall or a forward side wall in a 14' model.

24" Tread Bright Rock Guard on front.

Removable wheel/axle assembly, with integrated easy lift leverage arm system.

3,500 lb rated torsion axle.

5/8" Marine Grade Flooring

2" Coupler

Two big vertical thermo pane Pella windows are included.

Roof is pitched to shed water and snow quickly.

Pass thru hatch for hose or cable.

6 Interior Tie Down Points.

Two fresh air vents.

Trailers are available as a frame & shell, allowing you to finish the interior to your liking .

Ridgeline Manufacturer's warranty for 1 year.


Ridgeline Drop Down Heavy Hauler Trailer Specifications. Click here to see complete list...

Standard Trailer Approximate Shell Weight: 6.5'x14' V HH = 1300 lbs.

Standard Trailer Load Capacity: 6.5'x14' V HH = 1700 lbs.

Standard Trailer Overall Length: 6.5'x14' V HH = 20'10"

Max height when lowered is 8'1". (Sits on 2x4 under each corner)

Max height when raised is 8' 9.5"

Interior ceiling height clearance ranges from 88" near wall to 90" near center.

Open floor space between the axle hubs inside the trailer is 58". Hubs can be covered/framed over for wider machines.

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