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Beberg Outdoors is the exclusive seller of the Polar Fox Skid House - and we know that our service has to be equally as incredible as is the Polar Fox house! We make a strong commitment to having units to see, information quickly available, and our design/planning services working at full strength from July 1 through March 31st for each model year.

Please note that due to high demand we do not expect to have a large number of inventory units to purchase at any given time. But, we will have a mixture of inventory, sold, and demo units available to walk through and use in planning out the house that you want, built the way you want it. Please call anytime and we can let you know what is available to see in person!

Polar Fox - In-Stock Inventory:

As of February 11, 2022, we currently are sold out of in stock houses..

Most houses have been purchased prior to production, and thus inventory has been low or pretty much non-existent this year. We hope to have inventory on the ground in the future.

Through early Summer we are building 49 more units, and there is availability within these for you to get a Polar Fox soon. We have 2-4 of each size to be built, and we can lock in price and guarantee availability as we own the materials to produce them. Beyond these price and timing is simply unpredictable...

Although you might not be fishing in your new Polar Fox until next ice season, buying now also gives you the time before the season to plan and execute your interior setup with your fishing gear in a smart and organized manner. Also for many people the Polar Fox makes a great lakeside summer storage unit or additional bunk space or protected camping space for the kids. Polar Fox fish houses last a lifetime - become a happy Polar Fox owner today!

It is likely our lead time for a house built just before next season will become long and could be several months again - thus if you want a house for Sept./Oct. of 2022, we should be talking and booking an order with down payment in May or June at the latest.

May we give you a FREE - NO PRESSURE Quote on the house and options you are considering?

Just call or email, let us know what you would like in the quoted house, and we will email you a quote and floor plan right away! It's easy and you won't be pressured to buy.

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