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Beberg Outdoors was excited and pleased to have introduced with North40FAB in 2020 the first true composite wall skid houses ever built. No doubt the innovative approach and awesome interior function received great response and demand from ice fishermen across the Country and in Canada. Due to lack of material availability, our production is capped for the remainder of this year. We do not have any additional Polar Fox available for this winter ... but hang on for next year as we will be back with the greatest systems for tackling the challenges of fishing in the winter.


Polar Fox -Availability

We are sold out of Polar Fox skid houses for this winter. The 2020/21 season was a great launch to this unbeatable skid house build, but lack of availability of materials has capped our production at this time. Visit us in summer 2021 to get an updated spec and option list for Polar Fox, and to order your 2021 model so your ready for the ice season.

The following houses shown here are some examples of skid houses that customers are out enjoying today. Please contact us in July - August to order your unit for 2021!

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