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After years of being a leader with aluminum frame skid houses insulated with spray foam, we have decided not to offer this structure type of fish house in 2021/22

Our obsession with providing the best quality, highest function, and perfect value hard sided ice houses has us focused exclusively on our Polar Fox skid houses. The evolution of ice fishing products continues, and we recognize that our customers want to have the leading systems available to them today.

Polar Fox skid houses are the best built skid house, featuring fiberglass skinned composite insulation panels for the walls, ceiling, and floor - sitting on top of our beefy aluminum skid frame and heavy duty tow bar. Aluma Lite skid houses are still in production and available from others, while Ridgeline skid houses are not being manufactured in 2021/22 as a decision by Ridgeline. Please contact us for info on our Polar Fox skid houses and you will quickly see the difference that we are talking about.

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