Ridgeline Drop Down Trailer – Inventory

Ridgeline Drop Down Trailers - Inventory

Our Inventory...

Beberg Outdoors is a stocking Distributor of Ridgeline Drop Down Trailers for Ice Fishing and Hauling. The following trailers are in stock and available for purchase. Current Inventory is 2020 Trailers. 2020 / 2021 Model Year Trailers are anticipated in October 2020.
OUR CURRENT INVENTORY IS LISTED HERE - updated as of 8/27/2020

6 Trailers from 2020 Model Year Are IN STOCK & ON SALE! SEE BELOW. New 2021 model year trailers are now expected about October 1, 2020. Only 25 more coming this year, so contact us soon to reserve your build spot.

Last year again showed the advantage of a light weight / well built ice fishing trailer from Ridgeline and Beberg Outdoors! This system allowed us to EASILY and SAFELY and COMFORTABLY get out fishing in many spots otherwise only accessible by a portable sled/canvas system … but we did it with all the comfort and organization of a hard sided fish house.

• Availability Is Now – No more trailers will be built and available until October of 2020. Ridgeline does not build drop down frames in the spring and summer months and Bebergs starts interior production in late October, so if you want one before fall you need to come in today!
• Do-It-Yourself Interior – Build your own interior during the warm summer months. Whether you want a more involved finish or simple insulated and painted wall, it is easy to do yourself in the spring months where there is almost no fishing option or the warm months when the sun sets at 9pm.
• Ready For Hunting – Every year we have customers in a rush to get a trailer ready for fall hunting – and we can’t meet everyone’s deadline. Start now so you are ready for the time you need the trailer.
• Summer Hauling – Hey, THESE ARE UTILITY TRAILERS – DESIGNED TO HAUL STUFF. Whether its hauling the lawn tractor or the garbage from your spring garage clean out, these trailers get the job done.
• Camping & Summer Adventure – Use it to haul your camping gear into the park or fields, or finish it up to be your base camp for some summer outings.
• SAVE MONEY – The above reasons are reason enough, but right now you can get prices like never before and never again! We try hard not to have inventory that gets discounted, so this is a unique opportunity at prices that we hopefully will never offer again.

Trailers are road ready - come in, pick out the one you like, pull it home today! Trailers are available as built - our team is switching to summer product lines now so we do not have the ability to modify or upgrade trailers any further. We will add windows to the trailers that have no windows installed yet. We do have supplies available for purchase, and we can give you direction on outfitting the interior of a trailer yourself.

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