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Ridgeline Skid Houses are custom from the start. There are so many combinations of color, window positions, door types, sizes, etc that Ridgeline can build for you, there isn't much about these houses that is "Stock." Bebergs will often have a Ridgeline skid in production for you to see. If there are no Ridgeline Skids listed in inventory, please call or stop in to learn more, plus we can demonstrate a great deal of the Ridgeline features by looking at the Ridgeline Drop Down Trailers. Ridgeline skids are not like the others ... these are built strong through every layer of the house, and they are finished up to fit your use whether simple or complex!
Production of additional skids for the 2020 model year has stopped. We will be ready to design and quote new 2021 model year builds starting in August 2020.

If you are looking for a well built light weight house that can go just about anywhere, please call and let us explain the choice of a well built and light weight ridgeline trailer to be used with skis ... the extra clearance in the trailer can make it very effective behind a tracked ATV or UTV!

We DO HAVE one Aluma Lite skid house in stock on clearance. SEE BELOW.

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