SOLD – 2016 Ridgeline 6′ x 12’+3′ V – A BEBERG CUSTOM – White Exterior with upgraded doors, wheels & tires.

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SOLD – 2016 Ridgeline 6′ x 14’+3′ V – NEW HEAVY HAULER – WOW!!!! Now Taller, Stronger, Better Door, Strong Ramp Door, and Big Tires on a Custom Mag Rim.

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October 4, 2016
SOLD – 2016 Ridgeline 6′ x 12’+3′ V A BEBERG CUSTOM – Burgundy Exterior, Upgraded doors & windows & Wheels & Tires.

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October 3, 2016
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SOLD – 2016 Ridgeline 6′ x 12’+3′ V – A BEBERG CUSTOM – White Exterior with upgraded doors, wheels & tires.

Gallery #RLT16061213

Full Spray Foam, Great Electrical, Flip UP Bench/BUnk, & Front Cabinet for Heater, Batteries, Gear.

This trailer is created with a great deal of features that are popular in our custom builds. The front cabinet is uniquely created to allow a separate low chamber for separating a forced air heater from the upper chamber that is set up to keep batteries, electrical equipment, and other supplies separate from the heater. The counter top features a flip up access door to easily get to the batteries. The cabinet is pre-set with a thermostat wire, power wire, and vent covers so you can easily add a forced air heater. There is also a stereo antennae installed, and both an HDMI cable for DVD/Game Player. A video cable is routed out to the fish holes so you an hook up your fish camera and show the excitement on a front TV. Above the cabinet we have added some strong support boards with 1"x8" trim to allow you to hang one or two TV's.

A great electrical package includes all LED trailer lights, LED ceiling lights, LED hole lights, and LED exterior lights. A generator hookup is provided with outlets inside. The 120v system can be supplied via a generator or shore power hookup, or it can be connected to a power inverter and all 120v will run off of your batteries!

We have added a side flip up bunk/bench. You can fish from this bench, sleep on it with the 2'x6' cushion, or flip it up so you have more fishing holes available.

Of course we have upgraded the rear doors to the new heavy duty option, and we have upgraded the tires to a stronger D rated radial on a custom Aluminum mag wheel.

There are a lot of smart features here without waste or over kill. Come see this beautiful and smart trailer today.


Upgrade: 64"x72" Heavy Duty Double Rear Doors. New option for 2016, featuring a stronger door with improved weather seals and locks.

Added: Beberg's ELECTRICAL PACKAGE, including generator hookup, 120 volt outlets, 12 volt outlets, LED hole lights, and fuse panel

Added Electrical: Systems are installed as prep for heater, stereo, and TV(s).

Added: Three exterior LED strip lights for night activity such as fishing, loading, or propane service.

Added: Beberg's SPRAY FOAM INSULATION, our heavy duty spray foam inside and under floor!

Added: Beberg's INTERIOR FINISH PACKAGE, including cedar trim/mounting boards, two strong shelves, and caulk/prime/paint of interior foam.

Added: Front cabinet features a separate chamber for heater and one for batteries/electrical/storage.

Added: Front support boards to hang TV(s).

Added: Side flip up bunk / bench with 2'x6' camo cushion.

Upgrade: Two tone interior paint - tan walls & white ceiling.

Added: Propane supply line and vent covers in prep for heater.

Added: 8 fish hole covers installed. Setup for 4 people to fish comfortably.

Upgrade: Aluminum mag wheels with D Rated radial tires for increased durability.

New 2016 Feature Pitched Roof - New Design To Shed Water Quicker

Added: Dual Tank Propane Carrier

FREE UPGRADE INCLUDED: All trailer lights are upgraded to LED fixtures, and Beberg's provides an upgraded wiring harness to provide a lifetime of trouble-free use.

FREE UPGRADE INCLUDED: Three interior ceiling lights are upgraded to LED fixtures. One exterior light is upgraded to an LED fixture. Plus Beberg's provides an upgraded wiring harness here too!

2 Fresh Air Vents, 6 Tie Down Points.

White Siding Color

1 Year Ridgeline Warranty


Our application process is easy and the approval comes fast. We work with a LOCAL Credit Union that WANTS to finance your Ice Fish Skid House or Wheelhouse. No gimmicks ... just great service from a great Credit Union!