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Polar Fox In-Stock Skid Houses

Our Inventory...

Beberg Outdoors is excited to be the stocking dealer for the innovative Polar Fox skid house. Demand for this house is high, and thus many production spots are being pre-sold. We are working hard to also have inventory units in stock to see and buy at all times!

We never limit your options with only the inventory units we have today - we will build another one your way. You can choose the right combination of windows, door, color, hole placement, etc. when you pre-order a house. Polar Fox units will typically take 5-6 weeks to be built to order, but we have a list of units being produced soon and one may fit you exactly.

Polar Fox - In Stock Today

The following in stock houses are popular combinations with great setups - please come in and use these to plan out your dream build, or take one home today if it is the right one for you. This list is accurate as of 11/26/20.

May we give you a FREE - NO PRESSURE Quote on the house and options you are considering?

Just call or email, let us know what you would like in the quoted house, and we will email you a quote and floor plan right away! It's easy and you won't be pressured to buy.

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