Aluma Lite Skid – Info & Prices


Aluma Lite is the Original Ultra Light Aluminum Skid House - and still the biggest today!

High Value & Light Weight Strength Are True To Every Aluma Lite Skid House!

Insanely light weight with all the warmth and comfort of a permanent house.
This is a ice fish skid house like you have never built before ... but probably dreamed someone else would. Starting at just 350 lbs for a 5'x7', Little Munchkin, these houses take you out on earlier ice, get you off the plowed roads, and provide the fastest move from spot to spot of anything out there ... besides your grandpa's five gallon pail.


1. Truly Allows You to Travel Across an Un-Plowed Lake - Away From the Crowds to Your Favorite Spots.​

2. Towable by an ATV or Snowmobile​.​

3. Fast Moves - No Tearing Down Canvas or Cranking Up Wheels.

4. Stay Warm - Small "Buddy" Type Heater is All You Need.

5. Stay Dry - No Feet or Gear on the Ice.

6. Beat the Wind - No Flapping Canvas to Drive You Crazy.

7. Stay Organized - Easy to Customize to Store Poles and Other Fishing Gear.

8. Does Not Wear out Quickly Like Canvas - Delivers Many Years of use and Holds Resale Value.​

9. Cheap to Heat - Save $100's a Year in Propane Costs.​​

10. Keeping it Simple Means Lower Cost, Lower Weight, and More Fun on the Ice.


Aluma Lite Houses are incredibly strong and long lasting. Click here for more specifications...
Aluma Lite customers have THOUSANDS of these units on the snow and ice every year! No one has more experience in building these ultra light fish houses than Aluma Lite - this means you too will be a life long happy Aluma Lite Owner!

We encourage you to come to Beberg Outdoors and see for yourself - we know you will be impressed!​ ​

Aluminum sides and roof are .030 thickness

Wall studs are 1"x1" aluminum 6005-T5 square tube, 24" on center

Wall and Ceiling studs are 24" on center

Floor frame is made of 6" wide x 6" tall tube on the long sides for the skis, with 1.5" wide x 3" tall aluminum tube floor trusses. Aluma Lite uses the thickest aluminum tube in the industry.

Ski tips extend forward about 12" and rearward about 10", adding 22" to the length of house.

Propane Carrier on the Extreme Model extends 8" additional beyond the ski tip. For an Extreme House, add 28" to the cabin length for a tip to tip length.

Ski Skins are included and are 1/4" thick on Standard Model and 3/8" thick on Extreme Model. Skins stick out 1" wider than the house on each side, so add 2" to the cabin width for total width at the skis.

Strong A Frame tow bar / hitch is included with every house.

Premium RV type door from Challenger is included on every house! Opening size is...

Windows are thermo pane argon filled single hung vertical sliders. These windows are awesome in function and have a tapered exterior molding making them look very attractive.

Floor is HIGH QUALITY 5/8" Plywood.

Insulation is Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam.

Insulation has approximately R-7 Per inch & can be painted. Average of 1"-1.5" Thick.

Two LED interior ceiling lights and one exterior LED porch light over the door is included on all houses. (Note: 5x7 has one interior light.)

Catch Cover brand fish hole covers are included and installed for 2021. 4 are included for 6x8 and smaller, 6 are included with 6x10 and bigger.

Inside clear height is 79"-80" in the center.

Outside total maximum building height is approximately 89".

​Arched roof creates an incredible amount of strength to beat any snow load!

Setting up your Aluma Lite for efficient gear storage is actually very easy - and can be a fun part of getting ready to tackle the winter. Most popular is the addition of 1"x4" or 1"x6" trim / mounting boards that secure directly to the wall frame. You can hang rattle reels, coat hooks, shelves, etc on these trim / mounting boards and be ultra organized for ultra fun on the ice!

Beberg Outdoors will work closely with you to customize your ice fish house. Many features including the placement of windows, door, holes, and lights can be customized to positions you prefer. Bebergs welcomes the chance to talk about your ideas and goals - and then we will draft a custom production plan just for you.

2021 Extreme Model - Raising The Bar For Skid Houses!

​The Extreme Model from Aluma Lite is packed with everything you need for success on the ice ... and upgrades that are demanded by the active ice fishermen. Thicker ski skins give long lasting durability, tow hooks on the ski tops are great for strap towing and securing the house, propane carrier keeps your bottle safely stowed away, and the tread brite on the bottom of exterior walls protects the siding and looks great!


Standard model builds also available - saves some money.

5 Wide Extreme Aluma Lite

5' Wide Extreme Aluma Lite

Our Favorite High Mobility Skid House for One or Two. Full Height with Full Features.

5' x 7' ... $4,940


6' Wide Extreme Aluma Lite

Highly Portable. Fits on Most Utility Trailers.

6' x 8' ...... $5,255

6' x 10' ... $5,775

6' x 12' ... $6,295


6.5' Wide Extreme Aluma Lite

Maximize Your House Width When Fitting On Equipment or Car Hauler Type Trailer. Also Available in 7' Width for the Same Price!

6.5' x 8' ... $5,950

6.5' x 10' . $6,470

6.5' x 12' . $6,990


8' Wide Extreme Aluma Lite

Incredible Space! Best Moved on a Snowmobile Trailer. Great for Same Lake Fishing.

8' x 8' ..... $5,880

8' x 10' ... $6,500

8' x 12' ... $7,120

Aluma Lite Extreme Model Skid House Includes:

5 Year Warranty Aluminum Frame & Welds; Heavy Duty Spray Foam Insulation on Walls, Ceiling, & Under Floor; Arctic Tube Type Skis, 3/8" thick HDP Ski Skins; 2 Argon Filled 24"x36" Thermo Windows; 6 holes with Covers (4 holes 6x8 and smaller); 2 LED Interior Ceiling Lights with Switch (1 in 5x7); LED Exterior Porch Light; A - Frame Tow Bar / Hitch, Tow Hooks on Skis; Propane Carrier and Propane Hose Hatch; 8" Diamond Plate Trim on bottom of exterior walls; 4 Color options (white, charcoal, matte blue, matte black); Challenger RV Door with Dead Bolt; Fresh Air Vents; and Reflector on each Wall.

Aluma Lite Standard Model Skid House:

The Standard Aluma Lite Skid House includes the same features listed for the Extreme models above, with the following changes: No pull points on ski tops, 1/4" thick HDP Ski Skins, no 8" tall tread brite on the exterior bottom of the walls, and no propane carrier. You can save a couple hundred dollars with these classic builds.


Short Height Aluma Lites

The Aluma Lite Short Series is constructed, finished, & warrantied with the same quality as the large houses - but in a low profile that will set you free! The low profile is an advantage for hauling a skid house inside an enclosed trailer or reducing wind drag when on an open trailer on the highway. Munchkin is a Standard Model build, and thus does not include tread brite trim on exterior wall bottoms or propane carrier. The Guide includes all features of the Extreme Model and two trough hole builds.

Short Series

These ultra easy skid houses are typically 1 or 2 person houses, and feature a 65" interior clear height. Outside building height is approximately 75". Many advantages over a canvas house including warmth, dryness, organization, and safety. We have found how incredibly comfortable these houses are when set up with a little interior organization such as seats and gear storage. If you want a run and gun house to replace your portable, come see our equipped demo units to get a real feel for extreme mobility.

Lil' Munchkin 5' x 7'...

The Guide 6' x 8'...

Other Size Short Height Houses Can Be Built

Call to plan and price your custom sized short height house

The Guide With Tread Brite Bottom

The Guide With Tread Brite Bottom

Lil Munchkin with optional upgraded tread brite wall bottom



Set Your Aluma Lite Up To Fit You

Extra Thermo Window 24"x36"

Extra Fish Hole / Catch Cover Installed

Factory Installed Trough Hole/Spear Hole

Beberg Upgrade Trough Hole Cover

V Front - 6 Foot Wide

V Front - 6.5, 7, or 8 Foot Wide

Extra LED Interior Light

Extra LED Porch Light

Generator Hookup and one or two 120v Outlets

Extra 120v Outlet

Color Match Door

Empire 15,000 Furnace with Install (Does not include thermostat, valve, hose, regulator)

Deep Snow Hitch


Beberg Outdoors is highly focused on helping you get all the options set up the way you want. Bebergs will add finishing touches ... or share our ideas and experiences to help you create your own special shack. If you like to DIY, we are happy to teach you our methods of interior finishing when you buy a fish house from us.

Cedar Mounting Boards ......QUOTE

PVC Mounting Boards ........QUOTE

Interior Paint .......................QUOTE

Floor / Porch Paint ..............QUOTE

Swivel Seat .........................QUOTE

Furnace Prep Package........QUOTE


Bebergs will work with you to plan a custom layout of electrical and heating equipment. Common additions are generator hook ups, LED lights, fans, power inverters, and propane hoses. We have field tested many items and methods... and we will share our learning with you.

May we give you a FREE - NO PRESSURE Quote on the house and options you are considering?

Just call or email, let us know what you would like in the quoted house, and we will email you a quote and floor plan right away! It's easy and you won't be pressured to buy.

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